Phong Nha adventure 4500m


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Phong Nha Cave 4500m

This is a Kayar rowing journey to go further 4.5 km of Phong Nha cave, or named as a tour to explore through Son Ho, this is really an attractive tour program for those who are passionate about exploring, To find the extraordinary beauty, the new and the unique of the Quang Binh cave system. The tour takes place around 7 am and ends around 17 pm daily. Let's travel with Phong Nha Smile Travel to know more details about the schedule.

Time: 01 day (From about 8:00 A.M to 17:30 PM)

Pick up location: Inner City of Dong Hoi or Phong Nha

Quantity: From 2 guests or more

Tour price: 1,700,000 VND / Adult – 77 Usd/ Adult - Hotline 0911.09.5858



7:30 Departure to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

To Phong Nha, you receive specialized equipment and change the costumes of adventurers, listen to popular rules, safety notes before starting the journey across Son Ho.

9:00 You visit the first 1.2km in Phong Nha Cave, the boat takes you deeper inside the cave.

Admire the majestic underground river, the shimmering stalactites, observe life from the entrance area with shrimp,fish, bats ... all 1.2km, after the last light, the darkness officially appeared.

10:20 Discover the intermediate dark area, you leave the boat to walk over rocks, narrow paths and giant stalactites, reduce the speed of movement when passing the first 100m to see the shape of the jelly. majestic breast.

11:30 Have a relaxing lunch at the cave by the stream.

12:20 Continue to enter the underground river, cross the small streams, swim through the underground river to the beautiful sandy beach, enjoy the feeling of stepping on smooth sand like velvet. Right here, you will experience cave sand bathing, from here the water in the underground river is stronger, the guide will arrange the line from one point to another point of the river for you to cross the river. Surprise because there are

Suddenly, the cave spot suddenly widens, higher, the light combined with the fog is created by low temperature, rich atmosphere. That is Huyen Khong Cave.

14:00 Presentation of the successful "Conquest of  Son Lake and Discovery of 4,500m of Phong Nha Cave", as the best evidence of health, courage and perseverance.

15:20 Return to the old way, visit By Ky cave, Tien cave and Cung Dinh cave.

16:00 Boat transfer to Phong Nha wharf. Then get on the bus to get back to the pickup.

17:00 Car and tourguide ​​take you back to the pick up address. End schedule. On behalf of Phong Nha Smile Travel. Goodbye Guest.


- Air-conditioned car tour, throughout the program.

- Tourguide English or Vietnamese enthusiastic, professional.

- 01 rustic lunch in the heart of Phong Nha Cave ..

- Rescue cum tour supervisor at Phong Nha Cave.

- Tickets to visit Phong Nha.

- Kayar boat routes.

- Exploration equipment (life jackets, insurance helmets, flashlights, mugs, etc.)

- Certificate of successful conquest.

- Mineral water, cold towels. 2 bottles of 2 pcs / Guest / day.

- Travel insurance, the maximum compensation of 20,000,000 / person / case.


-  Tax

- Drinks with meals.

- Other expenses outside the program.


- Children under 1.1m are not allowed to participate.

- From 1.1 to 1m3 charged 50% of the tour price for adults.

- From 1m3 upwards tour price as adults.


- Sports shoes or low, soft sandals.

- Camera camcorders.

- Comfortable outfit, suitable for the weather.

- Bathing suits.

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