Paradise Cave Dynamic Exploration Tour 7000M


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Paradise Cave 7000m

It is a tour program that goes further 6 km of Paradise cave.Tour of Paradise cave is 7,000m for those who are passionate about conquering adventure and above all, the feeling of rediscovering themselves. Start walking from the end of the wooden stair system and the destination is "Skylight" of Paradise cave. Participating in this 7km Paradise Cave tour, visitors are equipped as an explorer, using a headlight flashlight to walk all the way to 7km to admire the colorful and strange beauty of the stalactite system. Paradise cave.

Time: 01 day (From about 7:00 A.M to 17:30 PM)

Pick up location: Inner City of Dong Hoi or Phong Nha

Quantity: From 01 guests or more

Tour price: VND 2,200,000 / Adult – 100Usd/ Adult - Hotline 0911.09.5858


Morning: Car and tour guide pick you up at hotels in Dong Hoi city, hotels in Phong Nha area, train stations, airports, Dong Hoi bus station

7:30 Depart for Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

Journey from km 16 of Ho Chi Minh Road to the West, passing through the leafy jungle canopies, visitors will come to Paradise Cave, the longest dry cave in Asia discovered by British explorers in the year 2005 is one of the most magnificent and fanciful wonders in the world with its splendid beauty should be dubbed the "Royal Palace in the Earth".

9:00 Arrive at your destination, travel by tram about 1.6km, weaving under the trees of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. Over 570 stone steps winding up the mountain, you reach the cave entrance, rest and prepare equipment (clothing, thick, flashlight, lifejacket) for the journey to discover Paradise Cave.

9:35 Move along the wooden staircase system to visit the first 1 km of Paradise Cave. Along the wooden corridor are arranged spacious accommodations and reasonable lighting systems, you can unleash to contemplate and admire the magnificent and magnificent painting of stalactite system here ...

10:40 Finish the first 1 km tour along the wooden stairs. Follow in the footsteps of an enthusiastic, experienced guide you continue to explore Paradise Cave with a length of 7000m with a personal flashlight.

11:30 About the first 500m, the cave is in a tubular shape, the highest is also over 80m, the widest is about 120m, sometimes you come across large blocks of stalactites glistening like diamonds; The stalactite columns are pure white like marble. You have the opportunity to learn the life of many creatures such as fish; Spiders and crickets ... visit Bat Cave where there are hundreds of bats swinging themselves on the ceiling in the first 3.5 km. About 200 m from the bat cave is the junction of two shallow streams, cool breeze blowing from the bottom of the stream. Stop at the first 4000m, you choose for yourself the beautiful location and take pictures, save interesting moments.

You can kayak across the stream, this is really the most interesting and attractive during the journey. The ceiling of the cave is flat as if it had human hand, the lower the stream bank, the more you have to bend down to get to the marina. Passing 100 meters across the stream, there are places where you have to lie down on the side of the boat to not reach the ceiling.

Leaving the small stream, the next journey, you have the opportunity to try your courage when you have to go through the craggy and rugged paths along the shallow stream, there are places where the path is narrow for one person. threaded through, on the other side of a cylindrical stalactite, closely adjacent to the maze.

After more than 1 hour, you set foot in the "Well of the Sky", from afar, the murmur of the stream sounded like a quiet instrumental music. When only about 50 meters from the destination, a trail of light pierces from the top of the mountain to the cave floor like a halo of the universe. Follow the small path on either side of the cliff to rest the stream, the scenery here is nowhere else. Standing in front of the Sky Well - where Paradise Cave communicates with the outside world through vents in the cave ceiling. According to the concept of the eastern people, this is the harmony between heaven and earth making all things of the universe proliferate. Nature is so close but always contains mysteries that are no less interesting!

12:30 You can immerse yourself in the cool, blue water or unleash your discovery, watching the schools of fish swimming in the wonderful underground stream flowing through the Sky Well. After enjoying lunch beside the underground stream, take a rest, take souvenir photos and prepare your luggage to return to the old itinerary.

17:00 Car takes you to the original starting point, Phong Nha Smile Travel bid farewell to the group, ending the appointment to meet again.


- Air-conditioned car tour, throughout the program.

- Tourguide enthusiastic, professional.

- 01 meal in Paradise Cave.

- Entrance ticket to Paradise Cave.

- Tram tickets to transfer legs 2 way.

- Exploratory equipment, Cannon, protective helmets, rescue, flashlights, Kayar, suitable footwear ...

- Mineral water, cold towels. 2 bottles of 2 pcs / Guest / day.

- Travel insurance, the maximum compensation of 20,000,000 / person / case.


-  Tax

- Drinks with meals.

- Other expenses outside the program.


- Children under 1.1m are not allowed to participate.

- From 1.1 to 1m3 charged 50% of the tour price for adults.

- From 1m3 upwards tour price as adults.


- Sports shoes or low, soft sandals.

- Camera camcorders.

- Comfortable outfit, suitable for the weather.

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