Phong Nha Cave - Botanic Garden 01 day


Dual Tourism 01 day

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From 2 guests or more


Phong Nha Cave Botanic Garden

Phong Nha - Waterfall Botanical Garden is a journey to admire the beauty of the charming natural painting, conquering the world's longest water cave. Phong Nha Cave, the first wonder of the cave, has long gone into the subconscious of visitors all over the world, captivating many tourists flocking to Quang Binh to admire, besides the Botanic Garden in the middle of the National Park Gia Phong Nha Ke Bang, belongs to the mighty Truong Son range is the place to interpret the environment, display and store many rare plants and animals in the Red Book of Vietnam and the World, Wind Waterfall of Botanical Garden is a dream destination. Convention of many tourists over the years. Let's discover its beauty with Phong Nha Smile Travel.

Time: 01 day (From about 8:00 to 17:30 PM)

Pick up location: Inner City of Dong Hoi or Phong Nha

Quantity: From 2 guests or more - Private tour

Tour price: 1,620,000 VND / Adult – 73 Usd/ Adult

Private tour


07:45 Guest board the car to follow the Ho Chi Minh trail to Phong Nha Cave.

9:10 Go back up to the romantic Son River, you can admire the majestic limestone mountains on the boat, you will be able to see and learn about the culture and life of the people on both sides of the river from information. of knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guides.

After about 30 minutes on the boat, in front of you is a water cave and the longest recognized underground river in the world. With the landscape great there are rivers, mountains, forests, sand, and countless stalactites. Will bring surprise to the natural beauty that nature has bestowed on Quang Binh.

11:30 Enjoy lunch at the restaurant, enjoy the specialties of the countryside.

13:30 Continue to explore the Botanical Garden, which displays more than 3 thousand rare plant species, and a number of endangered animals. A favorite feeling is conquering Wind Waterfall, a waterfall higher than 30m, beautiful in front of visitors. Can shower and save beautiful photos.

15:45 Please return to the starting point.

17:00 Car and tourguide ​​take you back to the pickup location. End schedule. On behalf of Phong Nha Smie Travel. Goodbye Guest.


- Air-conditioned car tour, throughout the program.

- Tourguide enthusiastic, professional.

- 01 main meal VND 120,000 / person.

- Tickets to visit Phong Nha Cave.

- Two-way dragon boat ticket.

- Tickets to visit the Botanical Garden package.

- Mineral water, cold towels. 2 bottles of 2 pcs / Guest / day.

- Travel insurance, the maximum compensation of 20,000,000 / person / case.


-  Tax

- Drinks with meals.

- Other expenses outside the program.


- Children under 1.1m free.

- From 1.1 to 1m3 charged 50% of the tour price for adults.

- From 1m3 upwards tour price as adults.


- Sports shoes or low, soft sandals.

- Camera camcorders.

- Comfortable outfit, suitable for the weather.

- Bathing suits.

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